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Chimphembela Trust Limited (CTL) is a family-owned business which was registered in 2004 and commenced operations in Zambia in 2012. The company’s farm is located about 30km east of Lusaka.

The company breeds and grows pigs which they sell to a wide range of customers that include Kachema Meat Suppliers, Choppies Supermarkets and directly to restaurants. At the peak of production between 2014 and 2017 they delivered about 100 pigs to Kachema Meat Suppliers every week.

Project Description

With support from ENTERPRISE Zambia Challenge Fund, Chimphembela Trust Limited aims to;

  • Contract at least 90 smallholder farmers as pig out-growers to expand its supply of pigs. The company will breed and grow piglets to weaner stage (10 weeks) and supply the weaners to out-growers in Lusaka, Chilanga, Kafue, Chongwe and Chisamba districts
  • Supply feeds (for cash or on credit) and provide training and extension services to the out-growers. They will use PigSmart app to collect real time data from out-growers on pig health, feed conversion, growth performance, etc. This will enable CTL to provide efficient and effective extension support and advice to farmers and increase productivity, output and quality. The farmers will grow the weaners for 12 weeks, before selling them back to CTL at 22 weeks when they are ready for market delivery.
  • Slaughter the pigs at its abattoir and sell processed products that include meat cuts, bacon and sausages. Selling value added products will enable CTL to earn increased margins and hence increase revenues and profitability for CTL and its out-growers.


Marketing, impact on people and the environment;

The company has demonstrated good understanding of supply and demand dynamics in the pork market through their ability to sell everything that they have produced since the commencement of production in 2012. They have gradually moved away from selling live pigs and now sell dressed carcasses and processed products to 22 Choppies Supermarkets located in Lusaka and other parts of Zambia.

The company employs people from the local community to carry out a range of activities on the farm that include cleaning of pens and planting and harvesting horticulture crops on the company farm. CTL will employ more people to provide training and extension to out-growers.

CTL has constructed 12 biodigesters on its farm to process pig waste into biogas, slurry and water. The biogas is used to supply heating for the pig houses and offices. At full production capacity, the digesters produce more biogas than is required by the farm. Slurry and water are used as manure and for irrigation to produce horticulture crops.

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