Company ProfileStewards Globe Limited – Afriseed

Stewards Globe Limited T/A AFRISEED, is a diversified agricultural inputs company that was established in 2007. Since 2011, the company has been producing and marketing improved seed varieties of cereal, oil and legume crops with the aim of increasing farm productivity and incomes while contributing to household food and nutrition security. The company also markets vegetable seeds, crop nurturing and protection products. The proposed project is basically an expansion of what it is already doing but wants to increase its reach into new areas. It will form seed growing groups that will sign contracts. It will provide inputs and extension services to seed growers; it will then buy the seed from them, package it and sell it to other farmers. 


Project Description

With support from EZCF, Stewards Globe Ltd aims to:

  1. Increase the number of smallholder seed producers from 800 to 1200
  2. Increase the tonnage of non-maize seed production (groundnuts, beans sorghum and soya beans) from 1000MT to 3000MT
  3. Establish rural bulking centres and rural mobile shops
  4. Improve the capacity of smallholder seed producers

Product, Market and Competition

  1. The business intends to implement an inclusive supply chain model which will scale up agricultural seed volumes from 1000MT to 3000 MT annually of non-maize crops namely groundnuts, common beans, soya bean, sunflower and sorghum. The last 3 years show that its annual turnover has been increasing because of the availability of market.
  2. The project intends to sell most of the seed produced within the local market with a smaller proportion exported to DRC and other neighbouring countries.

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Target Smallholders


Target Jobs

15 full-time jobs, 36 part-time jobs, 150 seasonal jobs